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Ingredientbox welcomes requests for samples.

Most samples provided by our suppliers are taken from their commercial production and therefore accurately reflect the characteristics of production ingredients. Where a specific production trial quantities are requested, there may be minimum volumes required to provide a truly representative sample. If this is the case, Ingredientbox will advise our customer and determine a price associated with delivering this request.

Ingredientbox has a significant range of concentrated ingredients and customers need to understand that scaling up of some ingredients is not a simple linear equation. Ingredientbox Technical staff will provide general application guidelines to customers. However, to provide the best advice requires customers to provide details about their processes, recipes and application procedures. Should these be confidential, Ingredientbox will execute a Confidentially Agreement. A copy can be found under the News & Resources tab on the Ingredientbox website.

Sample Used By Dates may not be as long as production ingredients. Customers should use the provided samples within the dates advised. To ensure quality is maintained samples should be stored as per the recommended conditions (ambient, chilled or frozen).

Ingredientbox systems track all sample requests. Should management see customers taking advantage of the generosity of our agency partners to freely provide samples, customers will be required to purchase samples.

All samples are provided by Ingredientbox as per our General Conditions of Supply. A copy can be found under the News & Resources tab on the Ingredientbox website.

test samples

Tests samples are provided free of charge. Samples are provided with limited documentation but typically includes:

  • Quotation
  • Product specification sheet
  • Material Safety Data sheets (on request)
  • Halal and Kosher certificates (on request)

Should customers have urgent requests which may require the sourcing of samples from overseas by airfreight, all costs associated with transportation and clearance will be invoiced to the customer at cost.

trial production samples

Trial production samples are not provided free of charge.

All costs in sourcing and supplying the requested ingredients will be invoiced to the customer. This will include all freight charges as agreed with the customer. Prior to placing the order on our supplier, Ingredientbox will provide a formal quote to the customer and seek a company order which will include reference to all associated charges.

These samples are provided with all documentation required by a customer to allow these products to be used in the customer’s production environment.

Should a customer require application assistance, Ingredientbox Technical staff will gladly provide any input requested including attending production trials. Ingredientbox technical staff will also call on the technical resources of our agency partners to ensure the customer receives the best advice available.

For samples, technical information and prices please contact Ingredientbox Pty Ltd:

Head Office: Suite 1, Level 7, 36 Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Phone:+61 (2) 8458 4500

Fax:     +61 (2) 8458 4545

Email: sales@ingredientbox.com.au ABN:   40 003 254 055